There are few places quite like Plattsburgh. The Lake City, or La Ville sur la Lac as those from nearby Quebec call this community, is full of beauty throughout the year.

During the summer, locals and visitors enjoy heading out on the picturesque bodies of water in and near Plattsburgh and traversing the beautiful Saranac River Recreation Trail, which will hopefully be extended to 26 miles in the near future. Once the cold temperatures arrive, snow skiing and other winter sports take precedence as people make their ways through what becomes a winter wonderland.

However, one nice thing about Plattsburgh is that it is in a rain shadow – well, a snow shadow – and receives just 50 inches of snow per year while Burlington, Vermont, which is located just 20 miles to the east on the other side of Lake Champlain, gets an incredible 200 inches every year.

Of course, many enjoy visiting indoor attractions over outdoor ones, including during the warmer months, and Plattsburgh has plenty of attractions that can be enjoyed at room temperature too.

The Strand Center for the Arts is home to events such as art exhibits, concerts and the Lake Champlain International Film Festival, which is held here every November. Its historic theatre dates to the 1920s when it was used as a vaudeville theatre. It was restored in the 2010s.