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Steps in the Collision Repair Process

If you haven’t been in an accident before, the process, from collision to paid and repaired vehicle, can seem confusing. We’ve put together a simple list to help un-complicate the process for you. The Accident At the accident, make sure you do the following:   ● Take photos of the scene, preferably before any of […]

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What to do if Your Car Floods

Spring is here, water levels are rising, and more vehicles, pedestrians, and animals are out on the roadways, Whether you live in an area that floods often or you’re involved in an accident that lands your vehicle in a body of water, it’s important to know how to safely use your vehicle following high water. […]

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Collision Repair Paint Terms

Basecoat – The basecoat is the first layer of paint, and is usually highly pigmented, or strongly colored. A basecoat/clear is a type of paint system in which the basecoat offers the color, and gloss and durability are provided by an additional coat. Clear Coat – The clear coat is the top layer of paint […]

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Springtime Pedestrians and Cyclists

Spring has arrived, the weather is getting warmer, and that means pedestrians and cyclists are coming out of hibernation and they’re on the streets and sidewalks. It may be wet, which means lower visibility and slicker roads. In order to prevent or appropriately handle pedestrian and cyclist collisions, keep the following in mind. Driver Safety […]

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Collision Repair Parts Terms

When you’re having your car repaired after a collision, there are bound to be a lot of auto parts related terms thrown around. We’ve put together a list to help you understand some of them that are less common outside of the collision repair world. Aftermarket Parts – Replacement parts for a vehicle that were […]

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Alignment and Collision

Having poor alignment can lead to a collision, and a collision can lead to poor alignment. There are many other things that can lead to both, but it’s important to understand how to identify, correct, and maintain proper alignment of your vehicle to keep it, and its passengers, safe. Sometimes, after a collision, your vehicle […]

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Collision Repair Terms You Should Know

what you need to know

Appraisal – The written estimate of the vehicle’s worth. A damage appraisal is the written estimate estimate of the extent of the damage caused in an accident, and is usually completed by a body shop and an insurance company adjuster. Estimate – This written document is created by an estimator or an appraiser, and it […]

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Uninsured Driver

How to Handle a Collision with an Uninsured Driver Ideally, and according to the law, every driver in the United States would be insured. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, uninsured and underinsured drivers are on the roads, and you have no way of knowing when you’ll come across one. What is an […]

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Collision Insurance Myths

Five Myths to Stop Believing about Collision Insurance Myth #1: Your insurance company chooses the repair shop you have to use after a collision. In reality, insurance companies aren’t allowed to tell you where to have your vehicle repaired at any time; you legally have the right to choose where you take your vehicle to […]

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